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Aunt L lives with her husband Michael, a tank full of guppies and a pond of fish.

Born in Lynn Masssachusetts in 1955, she lived throughout New England in her early years. Eventually her family settled in the woods of Vermont where she attended high school and college for childhood education. Most summers were spent with her family camping throughout New England and Canada.

Living in the forest exposed her to many creatures of the woodland. Hiking through the trees, it was not uncommon for her to rescue a stray or injured animal and bring it home. She has had many unusual pets including a skunk, a raccoon and a ferret. She spent much of her youth learning about and living with wildlife.

After college, she journeyed to Tokyo, Japan to teach English to Japanese school children. This was a highlight in her life. The students she taught were from age three up to age 53. She spent most of her free time traveling the countryside and learning about the Japanese culture. She even hiked to the top of Mount Fuji.

When she left Japan, she moved to New Orleans, Lousianna for a few years. After which she moved again. This time to Denver, Colorado, where she raised her son. Together they hiked and camped in the Rocky Mountains and watched marmots playing on the hillsides.

Now residing in Las Vegas, the grounds around her home are recognized as a "National Wildlife Backyard Habitat." Her hobbies include baking, gardening, snorkeling and traveling. She has snorkeled with sharks and rays off the Barrier Reef in Belize, hiked the Guatamalean rainforests filled with monkeys, horsebacked through the Mexican jungles, and swum the underground rivers of the Yucatan Pennisula. Every summer she spends in Maui enjoying the sea turtles and tropical fish.

She has one son, a grandson, six nieces and two nephews, all of which she adores spending time. Her sister, three brothers and mother form a close knit family with good family values. They spend most holidays together and share in each other's successes and losses.

Her love for children, childhood education and knowledge of animals is the perfect criteria for writing books which teach young ones about life. You never know where her next story may come... raising a bullfrog or feeding the myriad of birds in her garden.

If you have a comment or question about her books, you may contact her at 702-278-6408.

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