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This is a delightful rhyming book written to teach young children about chipmunks, owls, raccoons and other woodland animals. Easy rhymes with beautiful full-color illustrations makes learning about nature fun.

Every child wonders about the world around them but many never get to experience the wildlife mother nature has placed on this planet. Aunt L utilizes simple rhymes in this book to invite youngsters to learn about these various creatures of the woodland. This book combines a child's love of rhyming with facts about animals.

Each witty rhyme contains an entertaining characteristic of a woodland animal in its natural habitat. It is filled with unbelievable life-like illustrations to fascinate and spark the imagination of any girl or boy. They'll discover how a raccoon washes its food before eating, or how an opossum pretends to lie dead when confronted. They'll ponder how a chipmunk fills its cheeks with acorns or how an owl hunts by the light of the moon.

Learning about mother nature has never been so fun.

This book is as amusing to read for adults as it is for children. It is an ideal bed-time narrative or a great primer for children just beginning to read. A perfect addition to any youth's library.

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